The New Greek Tragedy

It’s the year 2012 AD and you’d think humanity, with all the advances in technology and communication, would have converted more of the explosion of information into knowledge and wisdom!

Sadly, we have not.

No, what history has allowed us to do with new technology is simply better-document the triumph of human nature over personal responsibility, accountability and moral courage.

Personally, I attribute this to an increasingly luxurious life provided by modern society offering far less opportunity to develop personal character, creating a direct and instant race to full depravity. In other words, the shortest path of least resistance to base human behavior.

All issues of the day are subordinate to the impending financial destruction of the western civilization. Greek tragedies were popular as an art form in the theaters of Athens 2,500 years ago; however, today we witness reality instead of entertainment, offering real human suffering — instead of pleasure — to the audience.

I invite you to visit daily as I provide organized headlines based on each day’s news to document what I call the Cultural War within leading to The New Greek Tragedy (both the Greeks and EU’s in general, followed shortly thereafter by most of the western financial world who, financially, are leveraged negatively in the extreme).

Eerily and ironically, it strongly parallels the chilling prophecy Nikita Kruschev, who succeeded Joseph Stalin as leader of the Soviet Union, remarked to Ezra T. Benson, who served as the Secretary of Agriculture during the Eisenhower administration, during Kruschev’s visit. Kruschev said it will be the slow injection of socialist/communist principles into America, not nuclear missiles, that would destroy our nation.

And like frogs sitting in a slow-boiling pot, we're just sitting back and watching.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

11-06-17 Now even China's economy is starting to slow

In Asia, China’s central bank efforts to fight inflation may have turned the corner, as retail sales growth slowed to 16.9 percent in May (Consumers Fade in China Economy Racked by Inflation With ‘Peak Days’ Gone). India’s inflation, on the other hand, hasn’t slowed (Inflation in India Keeps Rising (Video)).
The top financial news of the day though still centers on the literal New Greek Tragedy. Now the top experts are confirming the inevitable (Greenspan Says Greece Default ‘Almost Certain,’ May Trigger U.S. Recession). Why is Greece about to experience their second default, or national bankruptcy, in as many years? Look no further than my thesis above! A Reuters article yesterday provides direct support too (Source of Greek crisis? A nation in denial (Analysis) and Greece: Why the Worst Might Actually Happen (Commentary)).
Now that Greece is ‘when,’ not ‘if’ on a second default, the big question is will we see contagion? Common sense says ‘Of course we will’! So do others: Spain's Bad Loans Hit 16-Year High, Spanish Firewall 'Illusion' in Danger: Fund Manager, Worries Grow About Breadth of Debt Crisis and IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis.
In a moment of blunt foreshadowing, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Friday distanced himself politically from former president Vladimir Putin. Yet at the same time he was also providing a message for Obama, et al. regarding socialism: Medvedev: Govt role in economy has to be cut. It’s certainly falling on deaf ears with Attorney Genera Holder (Eric Holder tacks left at DOJ).
The Cultural War proper continues, as liberals claimed Texas Senate Bill 9 is racist. The bill is designed to crack down on illegal immigrants. “Why Aren’t You Speaking English?” This is another data point demonstrating of liberal irrationality: they aren’t called ‘illegal immigrants’ for no reason. I extend a standing invitation to all liberals to try to walk into North Korea or Iran without a passport and visa to learn the concept of legal vs. illegal entry to any country, including the U.S.